Turbulent Times Leadership™

Bringing Out the Best in Others by Tom Connellan

Turbulent Times Leadership by Tom ConnellanBased upon Tom’s New York Times Bestseller Bringing Out the Best in Others, this presentation shows your leadership team how to keep everyone fully engaged, highly motivated, and performing well in a challenging environment.

Because he combines his research into high performance with his experience as an entrepreneur and CEO, he delivers actionable ideas that can be put to use immediately.

Tom’s research on high performance over the last twenty years has covered astronauts, CEO’s, Rhodes Scholars, female world leaders, manufacturing operations, top students, top performing sales reps, military achievers, U.S. presidents, and others.

He found that through thick or thin, leaders of high performing teams consistently treat team members differently in 3 different skill areas, and Tom’s three-part message to leaders looking for high performance from their team is to:

  1. Believe in them.
  2. Hold them accountable.
  3. Provide a supportive environment.

His research into sales managers, for example, showed that the managers of high performing reps score 22% higher in their ability to practice those three skills than do the managers of low performers.

Most leaders use some degree of all three skills, but even in the best of times very few use all three in a manner that consistently gets the performance levels they want. The most common occurrence in normal times is to overdo accountability and underdo support – although sometimes the reverse is true. In turbulent times, this imbalance gets even more pronounced and performance slips rather than improves.

If you’re getting your leadership team together, put Tom on the agenda to show everyone how to boost performance within 24 hours by going full throttle on all three factors.