Creating Exceptional Customer Experiences

Inside the Magic Kingdom by Tom ConnellanThis presentation shows you why customers are tougher today and what you need to do about it right away. It’s tied in part to Tom’s Wall Street Journal Bestseller Inside the Magic Kingdom (which describes how Disney creates exceptional customer experiences and how you can do the same).

His basic premise about brands and customers is that “a brand does not and cannot exist separately from your customer’s experience.” As Tom puts it, “your customer’s experience is your brand!”

Participants see how creating an exceptional customer experience builds both a winning brand and a winning bottom line. They learn the five different levels of loyalty and what it takes to move customers from one to the next.

Tom takes you behind the scenes at companies that create world-class customer experiences. He combines that with the latest research to show you how to capture the hearts and minds of your customers. He and his partners have conducted research covering more than 110,000 customer transactions. This solid background assures that your participants will receive meaningful content they can use right away.

One important point Tom brings to your meeting from those 110,000 transactions is the critical employee satisfaction → customer satisfaction → profitability link.


He describes how a single internal factor directly drives customer loyalty and profitability in such compelling terms that engineering teams, entire IT departments, C level executives, sales teams, manufacturing managers, HR departments, and others regularly participate in this session.

Key points Tom covers include:

  • Why, in the eyes of your customer, your competition isn’t who you might think it is and what to do about that.
  • How to capitalize on the one internal factor that stands out above all others as the largest single predictor of customer loyalty.
  • How to retain at-risk customers.
  • How to find out the real reason a customer stopped buying from you.
  • Why customer satisfaction is a poor predictor of loyalty and what to do about that.

Alternate Titles: Creating Exceptional Customer Experiences, Experiential Branding, Focusing on the Customer